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We develop enrichment programs customized for schools.

Our school programs can range from a few lessons bundled together to a week-long immersion in studying a country or topic of choice.

Mexico Week

International Travelers Program

Japan Week

India Week

International Travelers was developed in 2008 as a school-wide social studies enrichment program with the goal of offering students in kindergarten through grade 5 an opportunity to learn about the world, right from their classrooms. International Travelers has been successfully implemented by Atlanta Public Schools and provides a custom integrated social studies curriculum that allows children to explore the world, one country at a time.

Global education is not currently included in lower school curricula. Ask your administration, PTA, or school foundation how you may bring this powerful program to your school.

My Cool World in Schools: Atlanta Public Schools Goes Global

My Cool World offers a week-long immersive program called International Travelers in elementary schools in the North Atlanta cluster of Atlanta Public Schools. Take a look to see what this unique program offers!

School Programs

International Travelers Sample Schedules

We currently offer complete programs for South Africa, Mexico, India, Italy, Japan, and Australia.

Each program is offered in two learning levels:

  • Primary (Kindergarten through Grade 2)

  • Secondary (Grade 3 through Grade 5)

Click on a button below to view sample International Travelers Week schedules.

South Africa Week

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