"I am because we are."

- the Nguni Bantu African philosophy of Ubuntu

For the past fourteen years, Lisa Hermann and Uma Sashti have been creating cultural art lessons for children that inspire perspective, appreciation, and creativity with the belief that kids should learn all they can about our world so they can be open-minded and kind and celebrate our differences. Learning through the intersection of art history and global cultures is a simple way to enrich learning, to enhance cultural awareness, and to develop outlooks needed to participate responsibly in the 21st century global community.

Lisa and Uma's flagship enrichment program, International Travelers, was founded in 2008 and has been implemented locally in Atlanta Public Schools and at various institutions around the country. Lisa and Uma continue to develop lessons for schools locally and nationally, teach art at after-school enrichment programs and camps, and create craft kits that provide families a way to learn about exciting new cultures right from home. It is a joy and honor for them to teach students about the world and to watch them create beautiful art that respects global cultures and traditions. They believe that making art is essential for fostering independent thinking and emotional well-being, and they show kids that learning can be fun.

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